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CONKERS By Pru Heathcote and Ralph Firth

"Conkers" was our autumn production and was directed by Ralph Firth.

The play is set in an old peoples home called The Chestnuts. The people in the home were very colourful charicters with a single mission and that was to save the home from closure.

YOUR COMMENTS - from the guest book


A fantastic show, well-written and well-performed by all. Bravissimo!

Judy Kirby

Shows like Conkers might one day change the way we view older age. And funny too!


Peter Regan

Conkers was colossal. A major contribution to the debate about growing old with dignity. As an old person, I felt included in the world again. (But you were unkind to Russians).

Joan Robinson

My friends, Anne Flanighan and Ann Hayes, and I enjoyed your show very much. You are all such good actors and the authors are indeed very talented.