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“a humorous salute to the human condition”


YOUR COMMENTS - from the guest book


Anne Flan

Thoroughly enjoyed "Living Together". Everyone was so well cast and brilliant. It is great to have such talent on our doorstep. Well done to all concerned. Lets have more.

Dot Tindal

Hi Everyone how you enjoyed yourselves I really enjoy taking photos of you all and you are a real friendly bunch .


.Mike Trolan

"Living Together" was a wonderfully entertaining introduction for me to Alan Ayckbourn.  Thank you to all involved, on stage or behind the scenes!  If Warkworth Drama Group "do" requests, I have one - I would love to see your take on Tom Stoppard's "The Real Inspector Hound" ...

Paddy Conway

I understand the secret is out.  I don’t like Alan Ayckbourn’s plays (and that’s an understatement so I don’t get censored by the Webmistress!!!)

I thin he can write brilliant farce and the construction of his plots is masterly
But I cannot take him seriously as a social commentator.

Never mind - I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, seeing our six young players doing it so well.  Congratulations to all.  

I’m left with various memories:  Sarah’s cross face; I wouldn’t like to upset her!  Reg’s ever more desperate entreaties to get someone to play his game.  Annie’s changing feelings about her relationship with Norman.  Norman’s “I really am very depressed” and the charm which made it so difficult for people to remain cross with him.  Tom’s innocent bewilderment about almost everything..  And Ruth’s pragmatic attitude to the impossible Norman.  

All of the cast did brilliantly, though I have to say that I thought Ruth’s performance was the highlight of the evening.



Daniel / Norman

Just a quick word from me

I'd just like to thank Mike, Meg and everyone else involved in 'Living Together' for making my summer so enjoyable. I had a fantastic time doing the play, everyone made me feel so welcome and I've made a great many new friends. I'll be back to see the panto, can't wait!



Ant / Annie
Hi All ^_^

Just to say a Big Thank You to Everyone! I thoroughly enjoyed rehearsing & performing "Living Together" our little troupe of 6 acting like one big family with Mike & Meg guiding us all the way! You really are all Stars!

I've had so many people come up and tell me how wonderful it all was! ^_^ from our wonderful Dirty Brown Museum set which we painted ourselves! Mine & Maria’s fight scenes *how we do enjoy our slanging matches!* & Norman's antics and his beard! To how amazingly we kept a straight face even with the words "belt you one and give you rabies!" lol not forgetting Andrew's bishop walk!

Not forgetting Lindy at the ready especially during the game scene ^_^ & Brendon for not blinding us with the lights! & everyone that helped out on FOH!

Special mention to our Newbies Mark & Daniel They didn't quite know what they were in for! I hope this experience has been as memorable as it has for me & we shall see you again. As they say once you join your in it for life! & Of Course, pre-newbie Ruth stepping up to make her debut as Ruth! Lol With loads of lines, a costume change and a whole lot more; Act 2 wouldn’t have been the same without you! *hugs!*

How I shall miss it! & hope we do indeed reunite to do the other 2 plays for more misquotes and fun!

Wuv Ant x ^_^

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