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Have to say it was an absolutely brilliant performance! A brilliantly cast production - all the cast performed very well - particularly the wolf who did become decidedly "big" and "bad". I can't make many of these productions myself, but I look forward to when I can.


Dear Sparkly Pink Fairy
Your Performance was swell
That Big Bad Wolf was caught out
With your spell!
lol loved your swirling entrance.

The Big Bad Wolf
Terrify the Children?
You tried your best
Controlled the Three Pigs
They certainly did fear
And did their bumbling best
Shame things didn't bode well
You ended up in Jail
At least your singing was the best

The Three Little Pigs, another title that's not entirely true!
A great performance through and through.
Loved your singing also and that dress! lol

You really looked scared of the Big Bad Wolf, great comedy building his house and fab costumes, brilliant dance I was smiling through out. You all did great. Bet you had lots of fun with all the singing and the messy foam!

Billy was the axe heavy? Doubtful lol, perfect performance, so sweet on Red aww, loved your acting/screaming especially when chased by the Dame! Really funny. Well done for slaying the Big Bad Wolf and saving everyone!

Woodcutter loved it was funny, came across as very strict with Billy as a father should be, loved your reaction to the vinegar water! Also your love of the Dame especially your late entrance with spear in hand.

Granny loved your great costume and hair, great singing as you went through the audience. Very adventurous fun to find a Yeti, loving the lines "I haven’t found the Yeti yet" and "he's very quiet" *pokes* lol

Villagers’ lovely singing and market mingling, nice balloons and one liners like "no he means mature as in cheese"

School Children hehehe what things you learn in school! Sweetly singing and staring at me, yes she is my twin! I did notice lol.

Stage Crew HOORAY for saving Granny

Well Done To Everyone!

Yrs Marcia

Not back for three years! I'll return and perhaps even have a Panto for you to perform! Hehehe.


We attended the Friday night performance, and we thought it was the best Panto yet for the group. We as a family have attended each year for many years. As an American living over here, it took me many years just to understand the Panto, yet alone laugh at it.

We think that this year was the best yet. The scenery was professional, the performers could be heard and we sat half way back. I was very impressed to the improvement of the hall, with the new floors, and the carpet aisles on the sides. Much improvement to the aisle down the middle.

I would have thought it was as good a performance and story line as what you would see in the city, and at a much more reasonable price.

I especially liked the three little pigs..........

Part of the Mitchell family Amble

John & Valerie West

Thank you, Red Riding Hood, for make a very old couple feel young again. We have just found your brilliant, colourful website which proves the very high standards of set, costume, character development - and fun! We heard every word, laughed at every joke, hooted like mad and lapped up the slapstick. The Dame was surely a professional "undertaking" an amateur role? The Wolf, Pigs, a Genuinely Sparkley Fairy and above all a vivid Red and Swinging Billy. We were missing Leeds Playhouse at first - before An Inspector .... Conkers .... and a first rate (and bless you - clean) Panto. Roll on April and Earnest. Congratulations !!!!! Mike and Company. John and Valerie