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Damian Trasler, David Lovesy and Steve Clark


Here in Pantoland our village is surrounded by beautiful woods.  The bears live in these woods - they are kind and gentle creatures, who protect the villagers from wolves.  But wait…. there’s a new Queen Bee in the area, and she has some very nasty plans!  Can Goldilocks, Auntie Septic and their friends save the world from the wicked plans of the evil Queen Bee??


YOUR COMMENTS - from the guest book

The Mitchell Family

Hi, We just want to thank everybody for the wonderful perfomance last night of Goldilocks!! We have been to most of the pantos and reckon that it was one of your great classics. We thought all the cast was great and the pace of the production was amazing. We particularly enjoyed the performanve of Queen Bee and her bee gang who were all just right. We also enjoyed the over the top performance of Goldie and Tonton. of course Anti Septic and Ray carried along the comedy beautifully. Thabk you for starting our Christmas season with such fun and laughter.



Now that we have had the third and final performance I can say what a wonderful experience Thursday evening was - and probably Friday and the matinee ( or afternoon performance) on Saturday.
Everyone did very well- but I must comment on the majestic Queen Bee - scary but lovable at the same time. Splinter and Chopper were fantabulous and Ray, well Ray - I still remember you as one of the three pigs - a great perfomance once more.
Well must keep busy!!

Bzzzz Bzzzzzbbbbzzzz!!! or maybe i should take the opportunity of Zzzzzzzzzzz!!! Si!


John & Valerie West

BRILLIANT!!!!!! Best yet from a well cast, well directed team. A great performane, hope that you all enjoyed it as much as we did. Thank you and Long Live Queen Bee. ValJon

Pru Heathcoat

One of the best ever Warkworth Pantos. Congrats to all concerned.

Colin Heathcoat

Well done Mike et al. A great production and one that comfortably adds to the growing reputation of WDG's ability to stage terrific shows in restrictive conditions. Unfair to pick out individuals... oh, alright, Meg Dixon....what a show-stealer!

Joy Stocks

Just wanted to say from one of the 'newbies' how much Michelle and I enjoyed being involved in Goldilocks and the Three Bears, it was such great fun, can't wait for next year if you'll have us. Thank you Mike without the director where would we have been???
Love Joy, Vil/Bear2 and Shelly, Prompt


Hey All! Massive Thanks goes out to each and everyone of you Lovely Peoples! What A Great Panto that was! Wish we could do it all over again Really enjoyed being Choppit! I especially Loved my costume!

Wishing All a very Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year! If I don't see you at John & Sheila's Party that is! XD Love & Hugs! Ant xx


Just a short note from me to say a big thank you to everyone involved in this year's panto, both on- and off-stage. I really enjoyed being a part of it, and am really glad that so many people came to see it. Thanks to everyone who bought tickets, hope you enjoyed it as much as I/ we did.

Daniel (minus the pig) which I DIDN'T steal)