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YOUR COMMENTS - from the guest book


Henry Pottle

Many congratulations from my wife and me on a hugely entertaining production of Blithe Spirit. During an day when the weather would have made Noah's Launch Day look like light drizzle it brought nothing but sunshine. Well done every one!

Mary Davidson

Came to see Blithe Spirit on Saturday. Totally superb, Every one of the cast were brilliant. Just laughed throughout. A very professional performance by one and all. Captivating-- well done!

John Walsh

What a night!

I refer to Friday when Sheila and I, with a friend, attended THE PERFORMANCE of Blithe Spirit. I know I should have known the story before going - but I didn't. I just thought it would be a good night out and it certainly was!
Everything was just GREAT. The only disappointment was that I didn't win the raffle - but then they say you have to be 'In it to win it' so next time I will buy more raffle tickets.
An EXCELLENT evening and BRILLIANT performances by all - old and new!

WELL DONE to all - both on stage and behind!

Geodia Hodgkinson

I had a truly splendid Friday evening at the drama club production of Blithe Spirit. A very credible performance from start to finish. so professional,everything so smooth, so relaxing and enjoyable with lots of lovely humour and a hot cup of tea n biscuit in the interval. Congratulations to all who put so much into this production

Gemma Sanderson

Came to see Blithe Spirit at the Saturday production and thoroughly enjoyed it, the cast were so professional, especially Alli, Nayfe and Meg who I thought were amazing!

Looking forward to seeing the next production.


Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for the brilliant time I've had over the last few months. It's been an absolute pleasure working with you all and I've enjoyed it immensely! Also thank you to everyone that came to see it, because what would a play be without an audience!?

Web Mistress

I would also like to echo Emily and say - A BIG thanks to our audience for laughing so loud! You were brill. Thanks for all the kind comments folks.

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