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Our next production will be... DUETS - a comedy by Peter Quilter.

Duets is a warm and funny exploration of love, written by Peter Quilter. We will be performing three pairs of characters, three crucial moments ...

Jonathan and Wendy are on a blind date and hoping to get it right this time even though they've never got it right before.

Barrie is not really interested in women but Janet sees that as no reason to stop trying.

Angela is marrying for the third time to the dismay of her brother Toby and amidst a barrage of bad omens and a dress resembling a parachute.

The result is a gloriously funny examination of the chaotic world of love, relationships and why the grass is never greener.


Duets Web poster

Rehearsals are now underway.

Put these dates into your diaries so as not to miss Duets.

Performance dates: 25th 26th 27th May



As you can see, from our rehearsals below, Dave Stockwin, first time director with our lovely group, has worked really hard with everyone to make a great show and now all it needs is an Audience!

We would really appreciate everyone's support for Dave, cast and crew to make another WDG play a success. Get your tickets now and come along for a great nights entertainment with licensed bar and cabaret style seating.

See you there!

setting up the stage extension

All hands on deck setting up the stage extension.

fixing the lights

Large ladders needed to set the lighting.

dave on his knees stting up the stage extension.

Dave our amazing director, he knows his place!

having a costume fitted by Linda

Costume fitting with Linda with Sue the prompt casting an eye!

trying on the skirt

Getting into the skirt.

Linda sewing

Linda our amazing seamstress. So much work goes int a production.

More lights to fix

John up the ladder.
Mike and Meg in Blind Date

Blind date sitting on a settee lost for words

Meg thinking

shaking hands

trish with wedding nerves

wanting a coffee

cleaning the dress

Jill and Trish having a chat on the settee

Dave with the champagne

steph on the phone

steph and dave on the settee

can't open the box

the embrace