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christmas carol


Colin and Pru Heathcote

christmas carol singer
christmas carol singers
scrooge office
scrooge office
young nephew
children and scrooge
mr jolly and scrooge


scrooge praying
scrooge in bed
bob marley
Bob marley
marley's ghost

ghost of christmas past

young scrooge
christmas present and scrooge
christmas present and scrooge
bob crachet
mrs crachet
crachet chavas
a scrooge rapp
cream for two chavas
mrs crachet and tiny tim
warkworth sign
tiny tim
two turkeys with broken wings
two turkeys
ghost of christmas future
scrooge by his grave
the gravestone


mrs pleasant and mr jolly

carol singers with scrooge


Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol has been rightly acclaimed as a masterpiece of Victorian storytelling.

Countless stage and screen productions of Scrooge’s transformation from miserliness and misery to munificence and magnanimity are testament to the great writer’s brilliance.

However, the panto scribes of Warkworth Drama Group felt that his tale had a number of gaps: Where were the fleeing turkeys and the dancing zombies? And why were there no chewing chavvie teenagers?

Yes, Dickens wisely included Bob Cratchit as the hapless clerk and various ghosts, but why did he make such an angel out of Tiny Tim when quite clearly he would have been an attention-seeking crybaby?



Charlie Dickens / Tallulah Turkey .... Richard Brierly
Scrooge .... Ralph Firth
Bob Cratchet .... Peter Regan
Fred ... Andrew Willis
Mr Jolly .... Antonia Giacomini
Mrs Pleasant ... Valerie North
Gertie Turkey ... Linda Mallen
Bernard Matthews / Sign Carrier ... Bryan Fryer
Bob Marley / Tiny Tim .... John Sellers
Ziggy Marley ... Alastair Cheyne
Jacob Marley ... Mick Jenkins
Ghost of Christmas Past / Beyonce Cratchit ... Heather McMichan
Young Scrooge ... Sam Palin
Belle ... Rhiannon Roberts
Ghost of Christmas Present ... Beverley Palin
Mrs Crachet ... Pru Heathcote
Britney Crachet ... Sarah Brown
Ghost of Christmas Future ... Margaret Collins
Ragged Waifs / Cratchet Children / Zombie Dancers / Carol Singers...
Mary Bergan, Amber Brown, Annalise Cowen, Mel Harrington, Jodie Harvey, Jasmine Kendall, Elaina McCoy, Molly Mooney, Jack Potts and Bethan Roberts.


Director / Script ... Colin Heathcote
Co Director / Script ... Pru Heathcote
Music ... Beverley Palin
Stage Manager ... Bryan Fryer
Choreography ... Valerie North
Props ... Antonia Giacomini, Meg Dixon, Ruth Potts, Andrew Cheyne
Costumes .. Margaret Collins, Linda Mallen,
Beth Bryson, Jean Hall
Make - up ... Jan Gurney
Lighting ... Brendan Browne
Sound Control ... Brad North
Sound Effects ... John White, soundsnap.com
Set Design ... Roger Wilkinson
Set Construction ... John Lilly / Dave North
Scenery ... Dianne and George Hodgkinson, Margery Firth
Print / Publicity ... Meg and Mike Dixon
Programme ... Paddy Conway
Front of House ... Steph Wilkinson
Catering ... Shelia Lilley

Our Pantomime was another very successful production. Thursday and Saturday tickets being SOLD OUT with tickets yet again becoming like GOLD DUST!

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this a brilliant show.

Also thank you to everyone who came along and supported the pantomime we hope you had an enjoyable evening.

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christmas carol sold out

We were very fortunate in getting more new members to join our group.

Valerie, Bryan, Mick, Heather, Mary, Amber, Bethan, Jasmine, Elaina, Molly, Jack, Jodie, Jean, Dave, Brad, Dianne, George and John.

If you like acting, back-stage work, or just having fun then come along and join us, all are welcome.


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