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By J B Priestly

sold out


"An Inspector Calls" was our spring production and was directed by Marion Giles and Meg Dixon.

The play is set in 1912 in the dining room of the Birling's house. The family are having a nice celebratory dinner when an Inspector calls to bring some horrific news. It soon transpires that all the family have secrets to hide.

This gripping play of suspense and mystery challenges us all to examine our consciences.


Warkworth Drama Group is pleased to welcome you to their spring production of…

An Inspector Calls by J. B. Priestly

The story of this play is continuous and takes place in the dining room of the Birlings house in Brumley, an industrial city in the North Midlands.

It is an evening in spring 1912.


Cast -

  • Edna --------------------- Anne Evans
  • Arthur Birling -------- Ralph Firth
  • Sybil Birling ---------- Diana Webber
  • Shelia Birling -------- Rosie Sales
  • Eric Birling ------------ Paul Regan
  • Gerald Croft ---------- Kevin McEwan
  • Inspector Goole ---- Mike Dixon

Production Team -

  • Back Stage ------------ Steph Wilkinson
  • Costumes --------------- Kate Mackay / Marion Giles
  • Lighting ----------------- Brendan Brown
  • Props --------------------- Lorna Watkinson
  • Set ------------------------- John Lilley / Marjorie Firth
  • Prompt ------------------- Lindy Conway
  • Make up ----------------- Jan Gurney
  • Hair ------------------------ Claire Gibson
  • Publicity ----------------- Meg Dixon
  • Directors ----------------- Marion Giles / Meg Dixon

Front Of House -

  • Lorna Watkinson
  • Shelia Lilley
  • Ann Young
  • Tim Grey
  • Pru Heathcote
  • Eileen Murray

Our Thanks To -

  • N & F Young Amble, Warkworth Post Office and Greaves, Grindle, Alnwick for the sale of our tickets.
  • Alnwick Drama Group for the hire of the costumes.
sybil and arthur birling shelia and sybil sybil inspector goole
arthur and sybil inspector and eric eric edna
arthur eric shelia gerald
whole cast  

sybil and eric

inspector sybil eric shelia and inspector
Yet again we staged another successful production at Warkworth Memorial Hall. This time both our Friday and Saturday tickets were SOLD OUT and our tickets soon became GOLD DUST!

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this a successful production.

Also thank you to everyone who came along and supported the show we hope you had an enjoyable evening.

Don't forget to leave us your comments in our Guest Book.

sold out

We were very fortunate in getting two new actors to join our group.

Paul, who played the part of Eric and Kevin, who played the part of Gerald.

Luckily for us they saw our article 'Men Wanted!' in the Northumberland Gazette and came to our rescue!